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Newton Export is the only complete export-management solution that goes beyond managing just export documentation or licensing. your profits.

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Newton Trader- Features

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  Company Information

  Branch Master

  User Master

  Accounts Information

  Account Group Master

  Account Master

  Account Balance Master

  Bank Master

  Customer Group Master

  Customer Master

  Supplier Group Master

  Supplier Master

  Currency Master

  Sub Ledger Master

  Currency Exchange Rate Master


  Location Information

  Country Master

  State Master

  City Master

  Area Master

  Region Master


  Sundry Information

  Transporter Master

  Agent Master

  Customer Prospect Master

  Customer Source Master

  Competitors Master

  Out Brand Master

  Reason Master

  Customer Bank Master

  Dr Note/Cr Note Subjects Master

  Payment Media Master

  Narration Master

  Payment Terms Master

  Addition Deduction Master

  Department Master

  Industry Type Master

  Industry Segment Master

  Voucher Type Master

  Sales Form Master

  Stock Adjustments Remarks Master

  Marketing Remarks Master

  Warehouse Master

  Location Master

  Person Master

  Sales Person Master

  Shipment Mode Master


  Item Information

  Item Group Master

  Item Brand Master

  Item Unit Master

  Item Packing Style

  Item Master

  Item Nature Master


  Price List

  Competitor Price List

  Supplier Product Rate List

  Price List Tools


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