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Who We Are

Newton Logics as a core programming team has been around for twenty years. These two decades has given us a firm footing in the highly competitive and quality conscious world of information technology. In these two decades, we have been blessed with opportunities disguised as challenges across variety of diverse platforms.

Today we have made a mark both, in domestic as well as international markets. A lot has changed in last two decades. The IT world which once ran on Cobol-based, caterpillar programs on colorless, manual, offline interfaces has now turned into a butterfly of online solutions that can make automatic changes globally in a matter of picoseconds.

“…We have no choice but to Succeed…”


We have learnt that the only way to survive in this cutthroat world is to stay miles ahead. Luckily, our experience has held us in good stead in this race against time through this ever-changing world: where the only constant is perfection.

What We Do

Today we have solutions designed, developed and deployed right from ERP applications, custom web based to mobile applications. As a core programming team, we have been blessed with an unusual amount of talent that has won us laurels from the top Indian and International Corporate Clients. We take pride to state that we have conceptualized and realized very complex solutions Some of our solutions have evolved into PRODUCTS and our domain expertise in the areas of EXIM has given us top position in Indian corporate to offer our product, NEWTON EXPORT, an export management system.

Likewise we have standard solutions like Sales Field force Mobile application, TV and OUTBOUND Monitoring solutions in Media world, NEWTON TRADE, a business trade management system, NEWTON POS for retail businesses and many more custom-built solutions.

“…Offering Solutions have been passion and culture in NEWTON LOGICS…”

The main reason for our success can be attributed to the association and the team spirit of our core-programming unit. Our clients have been our chief associates who have supported and worked alongside us to get us the results that we are proud of.

Our core team has been with us with a team spirit that has crowned our successes and conquered challenges and goals set by the sheer standards that we have delivered.

Why Choose Us

Newton Logics is an End to End Turnkey Solution provider. We take great pride in solving all your business needs, locally and internationally.Our strength is the quality we deliver.


Domain Knowledge

We possess very strong Functional and domain expertise which is key feature to understand user requirements beyond the user inputs. If we know what to offer, then offering becomes easier for subsequent teams.


Technology Expertise

Our core technical team gives shapes to design document by their technical skills leading to optimized solutions for end users. Always on toes to adapt to latest and advanced technology tools has given edge to our technical team over the others.



Evolution in giving solutions has been lessons with which our team is equipped with. This experience paves our ways in implementing solutions with complete success. Sustaining same road definitely progresses the path.



"Rather resting on our laurels, we choose to thrive for more", Nothing is cheap, but delivering with optimized results consumes minimal overheads and hence we become COMPETITIVE on its own.

What We Offer

Software Solutions

  • Newton Export: Exports Management System
  • Newton Trade: Trade Management System – Business Management System
  • Newton Force: Sales Field Force – Mobile application
  • Newton Retail: Retail Sales and Distribution System

Custom Designed Software Solutions

Our Business Partners

Newton Logics has created ready-made products made to the industry needs. These products besides being high on quality, are made to the domain need and are comprehensive and conclusive in themselves.

Business Partners